Order Silvana's Crostata for

Mothers Day 2021


Dear Silstar Friends and Volunteers:

For many years, Silstar has had a tradition of baking Silvana's signature Crostata for Mother's Day. Everyone agrees that it is a very special way to enjoy a delicious treat with your family and friends. The recipe has been handed down in her family and is still made in small batches from scratch each year.

This year… You have a Crostata choice!

You can Order your Mothers Day Crostata for $25. Covid-safe pickup locations will be set up in Kleinburg and Maple from May 3-8. What better way to show your Mom or close friend how much you appreciate them by baking your own Silstar Crostata!

All donations of $25 for each Crostata can be made at our CanadaHelps Event Site

Or, Silvana's daughter, Dolce, has continued & expanded the family tradition by inviting us all to participate and BAKE together. Let's pass on this tradition forward to another generation! Baking is a huge part of our family’s DNA and we encourage other families to bake together as often as possible. You won’t regret it!

If you wish to bake your own Crostata, please let us know and we will email you the Silstar Crostata Recipe. Even better, bake a few, sell them to your friends and donate the money to Silstar. Share the happiness by video recording the highlights of your bake….then post to your own social media page or share it with Silstar on our website.

Let's start a new tradition that will bring us together and raise funds for a worthy cause.

Order your Crostata

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